Our Mission: Pay Claims Right After a Hurricane! So, You Can Rebuild Your Life Faster

Catastrophic events such as hurricanes cause great financial loss to society. People incur significant out of pocket cost, even if they have windstorm insurance.

Our offering is: Immediate claims payments: No lengthy claims process. No adjusters. No hassles. Simple, painless, and transparent! We offer a novel hurricane insurance coverage, at very affordable rates to bring peace of mind to you in time of your most need, following a hurricane.

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(administered by Florida licensed ARC Hurricane Insurance Agency, Inc.)

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StormPeace is in the press and we are happy to share the news with you. Check out some of the latest coverage here.

Helping Floridians Get Back on Their Feet After a Hurricane: New Insurance Product Guarantees Instant Payment with Easy Claims

April 05, 2017

Dealing with the stress of a hurricane can be overwhelming, especially in the first 24 to 48 hours. Now there's insurance to help residents pay to clear fallen trees and get the power back on -- even pay their homeowners deductible.

StormPeaceā„¢ is an innovative insurance product that protects from losses not covered by a homeowners or renters policy.

Starting today, StormPeace is available online and buying a policy is simple. Visit and fill out an application in 1-2 minutes. read more...

Topa Insurance and ARC Address Protection Gap with Parametric Florida Homeowners Policy

February 28, 2017

Purchase requires just name and address, and claims are paid within 48 hours via electronic deposit in the case of a loss associated with a storm of given strength and proximity. read more...

New parametric Florida hurricane product launched

February 10, 2017

Assured Risk Cover (ARC) is marketing a new parametric hurricane insurance cover to Floridian buyers. The Insurance Journal reported that the StormPeace product has been launched by the group, using insurance paper from Topa Insurance Company.It has backing from a top five global reinsurer with ratings of A+ from AM Best and AA- from Standard & Poor's. read more...

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Our story


Our story begins as four guys in a garage with a dream to give back to society, leveraging our professional experience. We found that people undergo financial and emotional turmoil following catastrophes, and we figured, you know, we can actually do something about this problem in society. We then set out with a mission to bring immediate financial relief following catastrophes anywhere in the world, using science and technology. And, at the same time bring compelling information that people are likely to need in such difficult times (such as, closest shelter information).

Our startup exists now only for this reason, to accomplish our mission to help people with immediate cash and information, in time of their highest need.


We are a California Silicon Valley venture-backed company, founded by a Stanford University alum, working diligently on an innovative way of offering hurricane insurance coverage using technology and science, to alleviate problems due to delayed claims payment. Our single motto is: No delays in claims settlements!

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