Our Mission: Pay Claims Right After a Hurricane! So, You Can Rebuild Your Life Faster

Catastrophic events such as hurricanes cause great financial loss to society. People incur significant out of pocket cost, even if they have windstorm insurance.

Our offering is: Immediate claims payments: No lengthy claims process. No adjusters. No hassles. Simple, painless, and transparent! We offer a novel hurricane insurance coverage, at very affordable rates to bring peace of mind to you in time of your most need, following a hurricane.

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(administered by Florida licensed ARC Hurricane Insurance Agency, Inc.)

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StormPeace is in the press and we are happy to share the news with you. Check out some of the latest coverage here.

This ‘incredibly powerful’ home-insurance policy will make payouts even if your property isn’t damaged

January 27, 2020

Unlike traditional property-casualty insurance, parametric policies typically don’t have exclusions, deductibles or require adjusters to assess damage. Because payouts are triggered by a discrete event, the payouts can happen almost immediately.One of those firms is Silicon Valley-based Assured Risk Cover, which offers a product called StormPeace that provides insurance coverage for hurricanes in Florida. read more...

Insurers Aim to Fill In the Disaster Gap

October 20, 2019

Assured Risk Cover is a five year old company that sells a parametric hurricane insurance policy in Florida. Founder and CEO Alok Jha says his company can help pay for damage to a home, but also out-of-pocket costs, evacua-tion costs, food spoilage and generator rentals. The policy, marketed under the name "Storm Peace," has no deductible. It provides coverage up to $60,000 and bases payouts on a hurri-cane's strength and the home's distance from the storm. read more...

Insurance for Faster Recovery: StormPeace™ Helps Floridians Get Back on Their Feet After Hurricane Michael

October 16, 2018

Last Wednesday, as Michael roared toward Mexico Beach, StormPeace notified its policyholders in the Panhandle of the storm’s proximity, and Friday notified eligible policyholders that they were due for a payout and how much they had coming to them. All they have to do is attest, and StormPeace will electronically transfer the money to their bank accounts. read more...

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Our story


Our story begins as four guys in a garage with a dream to give back to society, leveraging our professional experience. We found that people undergo financial and emotional turmoil following catastrophes, and we figured, you know, we can actually do something about this problem in society. We then set out with a mission to bring immediate financial relief following catastrophes anywhere in the world, using science and technology. And, at the same time bring compelling information that people are likely to need in such difficult times (such as, closest shelter information).

Our startup exists now only for this reason, to accomplish our mission to help people with immediate cash and information, in time of their highest need.


We are a California Silicon Valley venture-backed company, founded by a Stanford University alum, working diligently on an innovative way of offering hurricane insurance coverage using technology and science, to alleviate problems due to delayed claims payment. Our single motto is: No delays in claims settlements!

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